Being a make-up artist, I make it my business to try most cosmetics on the marke

As the Practice Manager at Cosmetic Laser MD my business is to make sure each patient has a relaxing and positive experience and that they are happy with the treatments they have received. They want the best of the best. Being a make-up artist as well, I make it my business to try most cosmetics on the market. My make-up clients are savvy and also want the best of the best.

When a Representitive from Oxygenetix came into our practice one day, I was skeptical. I have tried medical mineral based products before, and always thought they looked artificial. Skin should look like skin and not masked by the dreaded “make-up look”.

She gave me shade “Pearl” and asked me to try it. The next day my skin looked amazing but more importantly it FELT amazing. I have a ruddy complexion and I am very dry. This made my skin look flawless, moisturized, and did not clog my pores. The best part was after a 10 hour work day, my make-up was still on. I was hooked and ordered every color for my make-up clients.

Many of our patients considering treatments such as chemical peels, injectables (fillers, Dysport, etc.), or laser therapy, shelve the idea due to fear of how they will look while recuperating. Unlike other make-up, Oxygenetix can be applied to sensitive skin, damaged skin or skin that is healing. By using Oxygenetix  after these procedures, patients see significantly shortened downtime and their skin looks flawless just minutes after most procedures. When followed by applications of Oxygenetix, the visual evidence of these procedures is immediately camouflaged and hidden from view. Continuous applications ensures rapid healing.

The key to this make-up is an ingredient called “Ceravitae” which is an amazing molecule that speeds connective tissue healing, and builds collagen layers. Not only is this the gold standard for post-op make-up, it is just a great make-up for the everyday woman who wants to look younger and do something great for their skin.

Aside from its oxygenating properties this make-up is water resistant (hello summer!), transfer resistant, and has a mineral grade SPF 25. With a built in primer, it works beautifully on an acne patient or a rosacea sufferer.

We have been using this make-up in the office for almost 2 years and it has become a cult favorite. It has a medium coverage that will conceal just about anything or can be sheered with a lotion to the consistency of a tinted moisturizer on a “light” day.

In my make-up career I do over 50 weddings a year and my brides love the longevity of this make-up. Through the ceremony, reception, pictures, etc., this make-up will not move and mimics an airbrush appearance.

I invite you to come into the office and see for yourself. This make-up will change the way you feel about your skin. With over 10 shades in both blue and yellow undertones there is a shade for everyone. Conceal and heal at the same time with Oxygenetix Foundation.

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