Vitamin B12 Lipo-Den Power Shot

It’s what you’ve been dreaming of…an all-natural lipotropic energy blast and a metabolic kick start all in one quick injection. COSMETIC LASER MD’S little energy wonder shot does it all – helps detoxify, de-stress, boosts metabolism, increases energy and immunity, and combats stress and fatigue.

Our lipotropic Vitamin B12 LIPO-DEN POWER SHOT injections offer many benefits:

  • Reduces the storage of fat
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Gives you increased energy
  • Reduces appetite

Our lipotropic Vitamin B12 LIPO-DEN POWER SHOT has been proven to prevent excess fat buildup in the liver and the body. Injections are recommended and most effective if done weekly (except for Week #1, when you should kick start your program with two injections.)


    • VITAMIN B12 (METHYLCOBALAMIN) – essential in helping new, healthy cells in the body. It also boosts energy, helping to increase activity levels


  • METHIONINE – one of the sulfur-containing amino acids, Methionine prevents excess fat buildup in the liver and body, and is helpful in relieving fatigue.
  • CHOLINE – Supports liver health by processing and excreting chemical waste products. Moreover, it is required for the transport and metabolism of fats and cholesterol within the body. It is a component of the Vitamin B Complex.
  • ADENOSINE MONOPHOSPHATE – (AMP) also known as MYODEN – Boosts metabolism and assists in weight loss.

Lipotropic Vitamin B12 LIPO-DEN POWER SHOTS combine the most effective vitamins for a MAXIMUM BOOST for the highest level of effectiveness. It takes a minute to get it; you’ll feel the boost instantly!

Best of all, we are offering these shots with NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY*! After some initial paperwork, your weekly visits will usually be UNDER FIVE MINUTES. Just stop by, get a quick and painless shot, and you’re good to go! (There is some additional paperwork time during your first visit)


$50 1 Shot

You should NOT be using Vitamin B12 Lipo-Den Power Shots if you are: pregnant or nursing allergic to SULFA (sulfonamide.)


$200 5 Shots

You should NOT be using Vitamin B12 Lipo-Den Power Shots if you are: pregnant or nursing allergic to SULFA (sulfonamide.)

**Valid for 2 months from date of purchase. No cash value. No substitutions. Non-transferable. Cannot be combined with any other coupons, discounts or special offers.


Body composition is the amount of water, lean body mass and fat in the human body. The true definition of obesity is based on the percentage of body fat. Since muscle weighs more than fat and muscle dictates metabolism, a person can be overweight according to the BMI chart, but within normal fat limits.

Body Composition Analysis (BCA) can determine how much of your body weight is fat mass, and therefore what percent your body fat is. Our goal is to help you have good quality weight loss, which means, loss of body fat mass only. Rapid weight loss can result is sacrificing too much lean body mass (which may ultimately slow down your metabolism making the weight loss harder to sustain long-term). We want you to lose weight rapidly, but not at the expense of losing lean body mass.