ThermiSmooth - Cosmetic Laser MD New Jersey

This non-invasive procedure is designed to improve the appearance of aging skin. Clinical studies have shown that ThermiSmooth is effective in generating the production of fresh, new collagen. As you age, collagen production slows down, which can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. ThermiSmooth gently heats the skin, producing new collagen and smoothing out the surface. Thermismooth is done in a series of 4 treatments, but results can be seen after the first 2 treatments.


Gentle heating using temperature controlled radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen remodeling.

ThermiSmooth - Cosmetic Laser MD New JerseyBENEFITS OF THERMISMOOTH

  • Gentle and comfortable
  • Allows you to treat the delicate skin around the eyes to achieve a brow lift
  • Smooths out fine lines
  • Zero downtime
  • Plumps and tightens instantly
  • Precise and Safe
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Series of 3-6 treatments