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If ‘luminosity’ and ‘radiance’ were last year’s beauty buzz words, in 2013 we want treatments that achieve both of these things – faster and with less downtime than ever before. Regular laser treatments will become the new facials as women seek to maintain glowing, even-toned complexions and radical results with minimum side-effects.

Fast track your fix with LumiLase!

LumiLase is a treatment that combines home skin-prepping with a mild laser and microdermabrasion to combat stubborn pigment and sun spots.

LumiLase is an innovative new procedure for melasma, brown spots, sun damage and other brown discoloration of the skin, created by cosmetic physician and laser specialist Dr. Susan Stevens Tanne. This highly effective treatment combines microdermabrasion with laser treatment and a tailored skin care regimen.

Microdermabrasion removes the dead skin cell layer, enabling enhanced laser light penetration, while increasing skin cell turnover. Low energy laser treatment then breaks up the brown skin pigment to smaller particles which are then cleared by the body’s natural healing process. A skin care regimen tailored to your skin is used to prevent hyperpigmentation from recurring. The LumiLase three-pronged approach is pain-free and requires no recovery or down time. More aggressive treatments can worsen melasma and hyperpigmentation by irritating and inflaming the skin but LumiLase is so gentle that it does not stimulate pigment production. Patients are amazed to see their condition begin to drastically clear within 2 to 3 weeks after just one treatment, however a series of 3 to 5 treatments is usually recommended for optimal results.

Many patients notice a tremendous difference in the color and texture of their skin after being treated byLumiLase. “Between the laser treatments and the skin care products, my skin color has improved drastically. I couldn’t be happier with the results”, said one of Dr. Tanne’s patients.

LumiLase is one of the most exciting treatments that I offer, because the results are consistently good in almost every patient treated, even those who have tried aggressive laser treatments with long recovery times. LumiLase is available at Dr. Tanne’s private Livingston-based practice, Cosmetic Laser MD.