Fat Transfer with Platelet Rich Plasma uses your own body fat as a natural, living filler to restore your youthful appearance. Customize your face with long-lasting fat.

Facial aging is essentially caused by two things – loss of fat and loss of skin elasticity. However, the fat can be replaced! A small amount of fat can be harvested from your body (usually the abdomen), and then artistically grafted back into your face to restore your natural, youthful contours. This procedure is known as fat transfer or micro fat grafting.

Fat Transfer with Platelet Rich Plasma - Cosmetic Laser MD New Jersey
One of Dr. Tanne’s FAT TRANSFER with PRP patients. The patient was treated in the under-eye area and the cheeks.

Fat has been used in the past to restore facial volume, but since it is a living tissue, it needs a blood supply to survive. Adding PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) (which uses your own blood platelets that are rich in growth factors) to your own fat, allows your fat to develop its own new blood supply, resulting in an 80 – 90% survival of the transplanted fat.

Using a small amount of your own body fat mixed with PRP, which is made from your own blood, Dr. Tanne can re-inject this into the hollow areas under the eyes, in the Crow’s feet and if needed into the hollows in the temples. The result of this treatment is a natural-looking softening and filling of the hollow depressed eye area.

Fat Transfer with Platelet Rich Plasma - Cosmetic Laser MD New Jersey

Now you can naturally restore your youthful appearance without looking “surgical”, with this great, long-lasting option for customizing and sculpting your face into what you desire.

The "Vampire" (Selphyl) FaceLift Adds a Bite of Fat

Can a bit of your blood and a bite of your fat give you back a youthful face? The answer, for many, is now yes! Firm, plumped, glowing, healthy looking skin are signs of youth. Hollows, wrinkles, deflated and sagging cheeks and smile lines are not.