Dr. Tanne takes you through a typical consultation and gives you a first hand look at what to expect and what to know about your visit to CLMD.

So, you have decided that you don’t like your brown spots, wrinkles, lips, neck, body fat, sagging skin…you name it! After some homework, you have scheduled a consultation with me to talk about your concerns and what treatment(s) are right for you. It is important to know that you will be meeting with me, the doctor, and not another staff member. You need to feel comfortable with me. You are putting your face/body in my hands.

Please be honest about your concerns and medical history. List any previous surgical/non-surgical treatments and current medications, even if you don’t think they are important. Tell me about your life: upcoming events (i.e. your daughter’s wedding), have you recently lost weight, are you going back out in the dating world, do you dislike a particular feature such as your lips, or do you just want to look your best, younger, etc. The more you share the better. I want to get to know you and build trust. Bring an old photo of yourself that you really like, so I can see what you are trying to achieve.

I will hand you a mirror and ask you to be very specific about what you don’t like. Everyone has something! I want to understand your goals, how much time we can spend getting results, and whether you can afford some down-time. I will answer all your questions and point out things that you may not have noticed.  From years of practicing aesthetic medicine, I have learned that there are many subtle changes in an aging face that are noticed only subliminally, but when improved, give you a renewed, vibrant, natural appearance. I will show you real results in before and after pictures of my patients.

Perhaps you don’t like the folds that go from your nose to your mouth. A small amount of filler in the cheekbone area will lift the skin that has sagged to create those folds. You may not like the size or shape of your lips, your under-eye hollows, the bump on your nose or your sagging jowl. Sometimes a combination of treatments – sunscreen, skin care, lasers, injectables (Botox, fillers, threads) will achieve your goals.

I want you to be comfortable both during our consultation, and during your treatment. I will discuss with you how I numb the area which we are treating. I will tell you about cannulas, which I use instead of needles when injecting dermal fillers, which dramatically reduce the chance of bruising.

We’ll talk about what is normal for you age, gender, body size and ethnicity. What looks good on other people may look unnatural on you. The key word here is natural. The goal is to have people say that you look great, but ask if you were on vacation, not what did you do. Good treatments should be subtle, not overdone. It’s the bad work that everybody notices. I want to give you a natural, age appropriate look; a better version of you. Let’s start the conversation so I can help you achieve your best you!

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