A new procedure that assists women in regaining and restoring their confidence!

Susan Stevens Tanne, M.D. and her staff at Cosmetic Laser MD are proud to introduce ThermiVa™, a new procedure that assists women in regaining and restoring their confidence! ThermiVa is the perfect solution for women who want to revive their intimate place without the need for surgery or hormones.

Both pregnancy and normal aging cause many women to experience body transformations that can lead to aesthetic changes, decrease in sexual pleasure, and urinary incontinence. ThermiVa is a breakthrough treatment for nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation which uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to reclaim, restore and revive feminine wellness. With the help of ThermiVa, women can regain a sense of security, pleasure, and confidence once again, without discomfort or downtime.

All women may experience some degree of laxity in her skin or tissues during their lifetime. While surgical vaginal rejuvenation can provide outstanding results, not everyone is prepared for the expense and recovery time that come with such an invasive procedure. For these women, ThermiVa treatment can be the answer. ThermiVa offers the safest and most precise option for restoring the appearance of the labia and tightness to the vaginal canal.

At Cosmetic Laser MD your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to all of us. Please schedule a complimentary to discuss your concerns and review your options.


On RealSelf.com ThermiVa™ receives a 98% Worth It Rating. CLICK TO READ REVIEWS

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