Have you looked in the mirror lately and not liked the way your lips look?

Have you looked in the mirror lately and not liked the way your lips look? Do you have an invisible upper lip? Would you just like slightly fuller lips? Have your lips deflated and now you are seeing lines around your mouth, the dreaded “bar code”? All of these issues and more can quickly, easily and comfortably be treated with injectable filler.

Treating lips with injectable filler is actually one of my favorite subjects. I love giving my patients beautiful lips.

My patients have two main reasons to have lip filler injected. The first is for patients who want slightly fuller, balanced lips. Maybe you never had full lips or want a fuller, pouty lower lip, or a more defined Cupid’s bow. The second reason is for patients who have lost lip volume over time. Your lips may look deflated and have crinkly lines both on the lips and above the lip area, the dreaded “bar code”.  You may just want slightly more youthful, soft lips, and be able to apply lipstick.

Most people have two main concerns about getting treated with lip filler – will it hurt, and will it look natural.

No, it will not hurt. I carefully use numbing medication similar to what dentists use and have made it a top priority to provide a comfortable experience.

It is very important to me to consider what will look good on you. Age, gender, ethnicity and body size are all important when injecting lips. The key word is NATURAL.

All of the fillers that I use to treat the lips are synthetic and do not require any skin testing. I use blunt tipped cannulas instead of needles when treating lips, which results in a much more comfortable experience and a significantly less chance of any bruising. Also, you will see your results immediately!

I want to give you gorgeous, youthful lips. The best compliment is being told that you look great and being asked if you have cut your hair.  You never want to hear “What did you do?”

So, look in the mirror and think about whether you are happy with your lips. Maybe it is time to get treated with injectable filler and to get the lips you really want!

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