Stretch Marks - Cosmetic Laser MD in New Jersey

When the skin is stretched excessively because of rapid fat or muscle growth, small tears occur in the dermis that eventually appear as red, purple or silver lines on the skin’s surface – STRETCH MARKS. They can show up anywhere but are most prominent on the hips, thighs, and stomachs. One sure way to keep them away is to maintain a healthy weight.

However, stretch marks often appear during pregnancy, which is one time when you actually want to gain weight as your pregnancy goes on. It is believed that stretch marks may be preventable to a degree by keeping the skin well-hydrated and in good condition while you gain your baby weight.

Some people are simply more genetically inclined to develop stretch marks. If you have discovered them, you may be able to significantly reduce them or even get rid of them all together. Treatments may be most effective when stretch marks are red in appearance since these are “young” and may respond better to treatment than older, silvery stretch marks.