Enlarged Pores - Cosmetic Laser MD in New JerseyEnlarged pores are a problem for many people. We lose collagen in our skin as we age, making our skin much less elastic. Skin pores may also become larger, which can increase the number of visible facial imperfections such as sagging skin, blackheads, and oil.

What are Pores?

Skin pores are nothing more than the port in the skin from which hair grows and the skin’s natural oil is released onto the skin. Everyone has pores, but not everyone’s are easily visible to the naked eye.

What causes enlarged pores?

Pores appear enlarged for many reasons. Probably the most common is genetics–you are just born with them. Oily skin also causes pores to appear enlarged because the skin tends to become thickened. Hygiene can also cause this. If oils or skin, cells which are usually shed, are allowed to collect around the pores, the pores will have the appearance of being enlarged. Sun damage is also a key factor. Years of sun causes the outer layer of skin to become thickened which leads to this appearance. Also, the loss of collagen, elastin and water in the skin from sun damage causes the tissues beneath the skin to shrink pulling down the edges of the pore. Thus causing them to appear enlarged.