People form opinions of other people based on their eyes, more than any other area on the face.

In the quest for younger-looking eyes, injectable filler can take you from fatigued to fabulous

Recent before and after photos of one of Dr. Tanne’s patients.

The eyes. There is nothing more powerful on your face: They cry, they laugh; they show disappointment, dreaminess or deceit; they reveal surprise and shock, happiness and honesty. Beyond expressing how you feel, they can even define who you are. With all the importance we place on the eyes, it seems like a cruel twist of fate that they exhibit signs of aging so soon.

“People form opinions of other people based on their eyes, more than any other area on the face,” notes Dr. Susan Stevens Tanne, Medical Director of Cosmetic Laser MD. “People assume that if your eyes look young, it implies that you have more energy, more spunk, and are more of a go-getter.”

You may feel perky, but if your eyes look droopy, tired and sad, your whole demeanor can appear fatigued, depressed and old—all characteristics that appear on the daily “don’t” list. Unlike other facial imperfections, which can be camouflaged with artful makeup, problem areas under eyes are tougher to hide. Makeup and facial creams can’t cover up hollows and creases caused by volume loss under the eyes.

The most common complaint that I hear from my patients is about the aging skin around their eyes. Dark circles are a definite “no-no” in the quest to maintain youthful-looking eyes. As the skin thins with age, underlying blood vessels may show through, appearing as dark circles. Sometimes, these circles are actually dark shadows. As facial skin sags and loses volume, the area above the cheeks (the tear trough) hollows out, causing a shadowed effect. And sometimes dark circles have nothing to do with age- you just have them and probably always did, just like your parents and siblings.

“I tell my patients that the hollow area under the eyes is like looking at a valley surrounded by hills on each side. No matter how sunny it is, the valley will always be in the shade and appear darker. If the valley could be lifted up to the level of the hills, it would appear lighter and brighter,” says Dr. Tanne. If the dark under-eye circles are caused by shadows, injectable fillers in the under-eye hollows can make them disappear. “This works by accomplishing two important changes,” says Dr. Tanne. “First, by lifting up the skin with a “cushion” of filler, the skin is elevated off of the dark blood vessels below. Second, by elevating the skin to smoothly transition with the skin on the cheek below, light will hit that area and reflect off of it, creating a brighter appearance.”

“I get beautiful natural-looking results with hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Belotero,” says Dr. Tanne. “These fillers can reverse the hollow areas beneath the eye, restoring that smooth youthful volume. I am thrilled with the wonderful results that I obtained for the patient pictured above. I would love to discuss how to safely and comfortably restore a more youthful look for you!” A small amount of injectable filler goes a long way toward improving this critical area. Good morning bright eyes!

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