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Recently “New Beauty” published an article on the top things we can do to get perfect skin. The article was so spot on and informative that I wanted to talk about the procedures and protocols they mentioned and go into more depth about it.  You can find the article mentioned at:

1. Microneedling with PRP
This procedure is amazing. I mean ahhhh-maz-ing. Microneedling uses tiny needles to create micro-channels for smoother tighter skin. We paired with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which uses your own blood’s growth factors to stimulate new cell and collagen growth. I have seen enlarged pores and acne scars virtually disappear. One treatment will give you desirable results. The procedure is comfortable and non-invasive, not to mention a lot friendlier on the wallet than laser treatments.

2. Retinol
Something you can do every night to stop the aging process without spending a lot of money and time in a doctor’s office? Yes please! Why every woman is not on a retinol product is beyond me. This stimulates cell turnover…CELL TURNOVER! That means it takes away the dull, wrinkled, gross dead skin on the surface and replaces it with softer newer, younger looking skin. A gentle but potent blended retinol like our CLMD Enriched Serum will give you softer tighter skin after just a month of use.

3. Neuromodulators
How good does a nice non-surgical brow lift sound? If you said YES then get in for a Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin treatment ASAP. Not only do these products soften the forehead and Crow’s feet, but they prevent extreme movement in those area for future wrinkle prevention.

Neuromodulators are purified proteins that are injected into facial muscles, causing relaxation of the muscle. This relaxes the pull on the skin, which relaxes the wrinkles. Neuromodulators are a great first step into the world of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. I mean who wants to be the only woman at brunch not talking about how good their Botox/Dysport/Xeomin looks?

4. Sunscreen
Anyone who has ever walked through our front door has gotten the “sunscreen speech”. You already know the sun causes 80% of aging. You know that a DESIGNATED layer needs to be applied daily and even though it says your make-up or day cream contains sunscreen, it still isn’t enough to prevent hyperpigmentation, skin sagging, and wrinkles. How many of you have those three skin conditions on your bucket list? I didn’t think so. The bottom line is as much as we love to see you in the office we rather have you doing one simple extra step in your skin care routine every day, and come in less and less for anti-aging treatments.



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face agingAs early as your mid- to late-20’s and into your 30’s, you may start to notice the very first signs of aging, which are usually subtle but still bothersome. What was once a smooth complexion may now be home to small sunspots, crow’s-feet, dark under-eye circles and uneven texture. Instead of letting the signs of aging get the best of you, take matters into your own hands and correct the changes that you’re seeing – you may even be able to prevent them from progressing as you get older with the proper plan of attack.

These small fine lines are easy to prevent and even easier to correct. Regular use of a highly moisturizing eye cream helps keep the delicate eye area supple and less prone to lines and wrinkles. To reduce their appearance and prevent new ones from forming, I like to inject this area with Dysport, Xeomin or Botox.

Under-Eye Bags, Darkness and Puffiness
With age, the area under the eyes becomes dark and puffy. Makeup can help camouflage bags and circles, but injectables and proper skin care can reverse them. Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane, Juvéderm or Belotero, can fill in hollows to give the illusion of fewer bags. You will also want to use a topical Retinol product to thicken thinning skin around the eyes. Another method of treating dark circles is with conservative use of hydroquinone, which may be irritating to some. Chemical peels, FotoFacial RF (Intense Pulsed Light-IPL) or fractional CO2 lasers can also help tighten the under-eye area.

Discolored skin can result from a variety of factors. Protecting your skin from the sun is important, but in-office procedures and prescription-strength ingredients can make a difference, too. When treating sun spots, the first line of defense is almost always hydroquinone, which stops the production of pigment in its tracks. If your skin is still discolored, your doctor may choose to use a light laser, like IPL, or a fractional laser for more severe spots.

Nasolabial Folds
If you’re starting to notice lines around your mouth that start at the corner of your nose and extend downwards, those are nasolabial folds, which, if not addressed, may worsen with time. Hylauronic acid fillers like Restylane and Perlane, or Radiesse, are best for filling in these lines, especially among women in their late 20s and early 30s. In reality, these lines are due to loss some loss or shrinking of the cheek fat, which makes the skin sag, creating the fold from your nose downward. A bit of filler just below the cheekbone starts lifting the fold, then some filler in the fold completes the rejuvenation.

Although all of the above tips will correct what time has achieved, the single most important way to prevent the signs of aging is with the diligent daily use of mineral based sunscreen! This should be a dedicated layer which is not part of you moisturizer or makeup. We prefer products with a high percentage of zinc oxide. Wear this as your last layer, over any other skin care, but under makeup. Using a mineral based sunscreen every day, rain or shine, will give you the maximum benefits from these fantastic anti-aging treatments. 


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beautiful face CROP

Once you have gone through a full course of treatment, it is important to protect your skin from the sun and keep it healthy to prolong your results. If not, you are just damaging your skin again.

1. Stay Out of the Sun: The best way to maintain your results is to stay out of the sun and wear a mineral based sunblock daily – rain or shine, and yes, even in winter. 

2. Take Care of Your Skin: Now that your skin is healthy, you want to keep it that way. Sunscreen, antioxidants and a moisturizer are essential. Antioxidants repair damage and protect skin to prevent future damage. Moisturizers keep skin hydrated. Let us help you select the best skincare for you.

3. Use a Retinol Regularly:  Retinoids (retinols and retin A) reinforce laser results by keeping the skin in repair mode, creating new collagen and exfoliating the surface.

4. Interval Treatments: Nothing lasts forever – not even the results of a laser. Re-treatments every now and then will help maintain the longevity of your results for healthier skin.  Depending on what you had done, we usually recommend a single treatment once or twice a year.

9 Top Cosmetic Treatments for Aging Skin

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This article is based on a recent one in US News and World Report.

Battling the clocksplit face age
No one likes looking older…which is why we spend billions of dollars every year on over-the-counter products, prescription creams and fillers, and, most drastically, cosmetic surgery. Do any of these actually work to reduce the signs of aging? In many cases, yes – at least temporarily. But given the not-inconsiderable costs, it’s important to be smart in your choices.

Aesthetic physicians can prescribe skin creams and perform laser skin-resurfacing and chemical peels, and they can administer injections. Surgical procedures, meantime, can be performed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons. When you pick a doctor, ask how often and how frequently he or she performs the procedure that you’re having (weekly is better than monthly.

Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular treatments and procedures.

1.Retinoid creams
A  host of over-the-counter products claim to help fight wrinkles.  One option: topical retinoid (derived from vitamin A) creams; look for retinol in the ingredient list.  They are proven to get rid of wrinkles that you already have. We love our Night Defense Cream, which comes in 3 strengths, suitable for all skin types. A stronger  prescription strength version is Retin-A.

2. Over-the-counter peptide creams
Creams containing peptides—short snippets of linked amino acids—can be useful for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, but they haven’t been shown to work as well as retinoids. As skin ages, it loses collagen and becomes wrinkled and thin; creams containing peptides are supposed to encourage the skin to make new collagen. Our favorite peptide boost is Daily Cocktail, which gives a one-two punch!

3. Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion uses a very hard diamond-tipped wand to slough off cells from the top layer of the skin and encourage new skin growth. The procedure is usually quite comfortable, doesn’t require an anesthetic or recovery period, and the skin heals quickly. But you may require multiple procedures spaced a few weeks apart. A recent study found that a rougher buffing of the skin is better than a lighter touch.  You will be left with ultra-smooth, polished and glowing skin.

4. Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser resurfacing uses high-intensity light to zap and improve the look of wrinkles and scars, and to tighten loose skin. The effect of your treatment and recovery time vary. We use either the eMatrix system which uses fractionated Radio Frequency, and requires little to no downtime and 3 – 4 treatments, and also the CO2RE fractional CO2 laser, which requires 3 – 5 days of downtime, but only one treatment.

These treatments can be tailored to specific needs and  can be superficial or intermediate and deep. Depending on which treatment and how aggressive, you may see redness from one day to two weeks. The benefits of laser resurfacing usually last between two and five years, however,  if you smoke or don’t use sunscreen, it’s likely to be on the shorter end of that spectrum.

5. Chemical Peels
Used to address mild acne scars, age spots, dull skin texture, skin discoloration, or wrinkles around the eyes or mouth, chemical peels remove the outer layers of the skin and encourage the growth of new, smoother, more evenly colored skin. Depending on the peel’s intensity—which can range from superficial to medium to deep—it may cause reddening and peeling that can last up to several weeks. Our favorite peel, the Apeele, is a blended mix of several ingredients that safely and effectively addresses many skin concerns. This peel comes in 3 strengths, depending on the specific needs and concerns of each patient. The benefits of superficial and medium depth peels last up to a few months.

6. Botox or Dysport
Injections of the now familiar Botox or of Dysport (our favorite) can relax tiny facial muscles, smoothing out the appearance of lines or wrinkles. The cost of Dysport or Botox will vary depending on how many units are needed. The effects of injections may last three to four months, depending on whether you’re a repeat customer. The more injections you’ve previously had, the longer the results last.

7. Filler Injections
Injections of fillers containing hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Perlane, Belotero and Juvederm) and the longer lasting Radiesse, can fill in lines and wrinkles and add volume to skin. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar which is significantly reduced as we age. Radiesse, a longer lasting filler, acts by stimulating your own collagen formation around tiny synthetic microspheres. Injecting these fillers into wrinkles  and hollows plumps them up and restores lost volume. The effects generally last between six months (hyaluronic acid fillers)  and one year (Radiesse).

8. Cosmetic Surgery
Lifting the skin on the face, neck, eyelids, and forehead can give a tighter appearance. The effects of cosmetic surgery are somewhat permanent. With this type of surgery you are turning the clock back, but we’re not stopping the clock.

9. Try Prevention
If all this sounds extreme (and expensive), remember that you can start immediately to prevent any further damage: Start wearing sunscreen every day. Lifetime exposure to the sun can wreak serious havoc. When many of our patients were younger, they didn’t think that the sun caused any harm. Now, 30 years later, they are really seeing the effects of all that exposure. We advise our patients that without diligent use of mineral based sunscreen daily, our treatments will not  be an effective solution for the long term.

4 Types of Skin Discoloration and How to Stop Them

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As aggravating as hyperpigmentation can be, understanding why it’s happening and how you can stop it (yes, it can be done) is rule number-one on the path to clear, even skin. 

What is Hyperpigmentation?
Brown, red or pink, small or large, clustered or diffuse, hyperpigmentation is a darkening of the skin due to higher than normal levels of melanin. Any part of the skin that is darker than the rest is hyperpigmented, no matter where it occurs. The most important thing to do is wear sunscreen – even if you don’t see discoloration on your skin, you should protect it from the sun to lessen your chances in the future. 

Two Types of Melanin
Melanocyte cells make pigment by creating one of two types of melanin: eumelanin or pheomelanin. Both are found in the skin and each creates different shades of pigment. Eumelanin is brown to black in color and is more common in those with tan or darker skin. It also absorbs UV rays, acting as a skin protector. Pheomelanin is yellow to red in color and is found in concentrated amounts in the lips and in people with lighter skin tones. Pheomelanin cannot absorb UV rays and makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays.

Types of Discoloration and How to Treat Them
Light to medium brown in color, this pigmentation occurs on the cheeks, sides of the face, upper part of the nose, forehead and above the lip. It appears as splotchy patches that are inconcsistent in shape and size, and is caused by a surge in hormones, usually from pregnancy or birth control coupled with sun exposure. Melasma can be treated with: hydroquinone and Retinol; salicylic,lactic or glycolic acid peels; Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)/FotoFacial plus vitamin C; or chemical peels containing hydroquinone. (Melasma is hard to treat because of its potential to reoccur.)

Sunspots (AKA Age or Liver Spots)
Light to dark brown in color, sunspots can appear on the face, chest and hands; and look like small, flat, dark spots. As their name indicates, they are caused by the sun and can be treated with Retinol plus IPL/FotoFacial  or CO2RE fractional laser resurfacing

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
Pink, red or brown in color, PIH can show up anywhere on the face. It appears as flat spots and is caused caused by inflammatory acne. PIH can be treated with light salicylic acid chemical peels or red light and blue light treatments(if there is active acne).

Caused by the sun, freckles are light to dark brown or even red or black in color. They occur on the face, chest and arms in the form of small, concentrated spots. For treatment try  IPL/Fotofacial or CO2RE fractional laser resurfacing


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HOLLOW EYESWe talk a lot about reducing under-eye puffiness, but we know that some of you suffer from another issue: eyes that look sunken and hollow, especially for those who have more slender faces. However, there is help for those who may be genetically predisposed to hollow eyes or have lost soft tissue and bone density, which can make the eyes appear sunken.

Applying products with vitamin C can reduce the dark circles that sometimes accompany eye hollowing. Retinol is a good ingredient to help the fragile skin become stronger, and humectants will add a bit of a plumping effect under the eyes. If you find that you have dark circles too, a prescription of hydroquinone can help to lighten up under-eye shadows.

At the first signs of hollowing, a filler composed of hyaluronic acid such as Restylane or Belotero or fat can help to fill in the spots that appear in the tear troughs. Hyaluronic acid fillers, which last for about 6 months, are effective in filling deficient areas under the eyes when it is injected deep into the tissue.
Fat grafting  involves taking a small amount of fat, usually from your belly. We then mix the fat with Selphyl to promote new blood vessel formation in the grafted fat. This combination is re-injected into the under-eye hollow (tear trough) giving you a long term to permanent improvement.


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Over time, the texture of our skin naturally changes. Hydration, collagen and elastin are all important factors for smooth, soft, young-looking skin. When hormones, pollution and lifestyle come into play, they can diminish these key factors, causing dramatic changes in how your skin feels. I’ve listened to some of your most common complaints about your skin’s texture and have some answers on how to treat it.

Does your skin feel thin and look translucent? Collagen loss tends to cause the skin to become thin. And it’s especially prevalent in fairer skin tones. How do you treat it? “A combination of fillers and collagen-stimulating lasers, like eMatrix, Portrait PSR and fractionated CO2 lasers, is best for plumping up thin skin. The skin needs to be built up from underneath, as well as stimulated on the surface.

Does your skin feel dry and dehydrated? Dry, dehydrated skin is a common change that comes along with aging, since moisture levels drop and water is lost. Diminished blood circulation, harsh ingredients, moisture stripping products, and less-active oil and sweat glands can all lead to dryness. Try treating it by restoring moisture with deep hydrating creams and masks. A consultation with our skincare advisor will put you on the right track. Also, hyaluronic acid fillers (which bind moisture to the skin) such as Juvederm, Restylane-L and Perlane-L may minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles and reintroduce moisture to the skin.

Does your skin feel rough and weathered? Rough, weathered, leathery-looking skin is the price we pay for spending years in the sun. It damages the skin by causing inflammation, in turn making it look and feel thick. Weathered skin is usually laden with deep wrinkles, too. Protect your skin from the sun with a mineral based sunscreen every day. Prevent further damage to weathered skin with antioxidative and reparative topical products (we love our Tanne MD Medical Grade Skincare), and fractional resurfacing (such as eMatrix) or pulsed light treatments (such as Fotofacial RF) to stimulate collagen production.

Does your skin feel like sandpaper? Skin that feels like sandpaper often has a dull and muddy complexion. Dull skin is caused by a buildup of dead skin that stays on the surface for long periods of time. It’s important to rev up the skin’s natural shedding process to remove dead skin and expose fresh skin. A retinol product such as our Night Defense or a prescription topical retinoid, Chemical Peels (we love the Apeele Peel), laser treatments, SilkPeel™ DermalInfusion and DiamondTip™ Microdermabrasioncan increase cell turnover.


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In the quest for younger-looking eyes, nonsurgical rejuvenation options take you from fatigued to fabulous

The eyes. There is nothing more powerful on your face: They cry, they laugh; they show disappointment, dreaminess or deceit; they reveal surprise and shock, happiness and honesty. Beyond expressing how you feel, they can even define who you are. With all the importance we place on the eyes, it seems like a cruel twist of fate that they exhibit signs of aging so soon.
“People form opinions of other people based on their eyes, more than any other area on the face,” notes Dr. Susan Stevens Tanne, Medical Director of Cosmetic Laser MD. “People assume that if your eyes look young, it implies that you have more energy, more spunk, and are more of a go-getter.”
You may feel perky, but if your eyes look droopy, tired and sad, your whole demeanor can appear fatigued, depressed and old—all characteristics that appear on the daily “don’t” list. Unlike other facial imperfections, which can be camouflaged with artful makeup, problem areas around eyes are tougher to hide. Makeup and facial creams can’t cover up wrinkles and creases caused by volume loss under the eyes and in the temples.
No need to fret. At Cosmetic Laser MD we have your non-surgical solutions. A youthful, bright-eyed look can be restored—without going under the knife—with a variety of products and nonsurgical procedures.
About 90% of COSMETIC LASER MD’s anti-aging patients have some concern about the aging skin around their eyes. Thankfully, this is one area that we can easily rejuvenate with our arsenal of treatments and products. Minor cosmetic tweaks can go a long way toward improving this critical area. We have identified three major eye-aging culprits, and offer solutions for each concern. For total rejuvenation, a combination of treatments and products usually works best. Good morning bright eyes!
Lighten Up!
Dark circles definitely aren’t a “do” in the quest to maintain youthful-looking eyes. First, you need to determine the cause. As the skin thins with age, underlying blood vessels may show through, appearing as dark circles. Sometimes the pigment of the skin actually changes color as red blood cells break down. In other cases, those circles are actually dark shadows. As facial skin sags and loses volume, the area above the cheeks (the tear trough) hollows out, causing a shadowed effect. And sometimes dark circles have nothing to do with age—you just have them and probably always did, just like your parents and siblings.
Easy fix: An excellent concealer can do the trick for some.
Medical fix: If the dark circles are caused by shadows, injectable fillers in the under-eye hollows can make them disappear. “I get beautiful results with hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane, as well as with Selphyl enhanced fat from one’s own body,” says Dr. Tanne. “These fillers can fill the hollow areas beneath the eye, restoring that smooth youthful volume.”
Also consider: Products that contain Vitamin K and/or caffeine can improve the appearance of dark circles, says Dr. Tanne, who recommends Circles from her Tanne MD Medical Grade Skincare line.
Tighten Up!
Your facial skin and muscles weaken with age—and that includes the skin above and below your eyes. The eyelids stretch, causing the upper lids to droop, while fluid and/or fat begins to fill in the loose space below the eyes, creating bags and puffiness.
Easy fix: Home remedies can be surprisingly effective for under-eye bags. “Sleeping with your head elevated via pillows, icing the areas with cold compresses in the morning, and using a topical cream that contains an ingredient to constrict the underlying blood vessels, such as caffeine – try The Firm from Tanne MD Medical Grade Skincare – decreases the amount of excess fluid in the under-eye tissue,” says Dr.Tanne.
Medical fix: The E-Matrix Laser offers remarkable results to this delicate area. It absolutely turns back the hands of time, and with little or no downtime, and little or no discomfort.
Also consider: Botox and Dysport can erase crow’s feet and raise the eyebrows, offering a mini-brow lift for patients with minor eyelid drooping.
Smooth It Out!
Thinning skin, sun damage and facial expressions all conspire to create lines and wrinkles on our aging faces, which show up first and most prominently, around the eyes. This thin, fragile skin is in constant motion, and produces wrinkling long before it appears on other areas of the face.
Easy fix: Our featured eye product, EYE DEFENSE, has been specially formulated to contain a comprehensive system of all-trans retinol, peptides, chelators, antioxidants and moisturizers targeting puffiness, dark circles, lines and wrinkles, firmness and tightness, enhanced skin texture and smoothness. We recently came across a statistic that 90% of cosmetic dermatologists use some form of retinol around their eye area.
Medical fix: “A series of chemical peels – such as Apeele – does an excellent job in tightening lower eyelid crinkles,” Dr. Tanne says. And Botox or Dysport is the go-to remedy for crows-feet and other superficial lines caused by facial expressions (squinting, raising eyebrows, frowning). “I like to smooth out these irritating lines while allowing you to maintain a normal, expressive appearance—without that paralyzed look.”
Also consider: Need an immediate line eraser for an important date or event? Try Instantly Ageless “Facelift in a Bottle” for an 8 – 10 hour quick fix!
Love your Lashes
If your eyelashes are a little sparse, we’ve got the remedy.
Sadly, even our eyelashes age. as hair follicles age, lashes can appear thinner and less dense. The cure is Latisse which “jumpstarts” hair follicles to stimulate growth, increases melanin pigment (resulting in darker lashes) and causes lashes to grow longer than they normally would. Use it once per day before bed. Just place a thin layer of solution along your upper eyelash line with a small brush. With the first tw0 months you will start to see darker, thicker, longer lashes.

Risky Retinol Combinations

February 24, 2011 / Category: Health News

Some doctors say strong ingredients, like retinol, should never be mixed with other strong ingredients and should be used solely on their own; others disagree, saying it’s safe to use them together as long as they’re applied at different times of the day. 

Before you attempt to layer, talk to Dr. Tanne.  In most cases, we will rule out two particular ingredients if you’re using retinol.
Retinol and benzoyl peroxide can each ward off acne and prevent the formation of new blemishes. Used simultaneously, however, they can counteract each other’s effectiveness. Both are drying, exfoliating agents, and when mixed together, they can cause excessive peeling, unwanted pigment, lasting redness, blistering and scarring.

Both retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids can help to generate new collagen, but you should be careful when using them together. Most women with sensitive skin need to alternate, applying the AHA in the morning and retinol at night for the first few weeks to build tolerance.

If you’re using any of these ingredients, it’s essential to use daily sunscreen to counteract increased UV sensitivity.


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Cosmetic Laser MD offers our patients a full line of eye-specific products, addressing every skincare concern. There are three distinct product-types for each specific undereye concern: Fine lines and wrinkles, laxity, and dark circles. Our products are Medical Grade, meaning that they are much higher in active ingredient concentration than over-the-counter products, including expensive department store brands. Our products can be dispensed only under a doctor’s guidance. We invite you to come in and learn about our extensive Tanne MD Skincare product line. We put together a comprehensive skincare “protocol” for each patient based on your individual needs, goals, and preferences.
During the month of February, we’re offering $5.00 OFF any of our four eye products.

This retinol-based eye cream has been specially formulated to contain a comprehensive system of all-trans retinol, peptides, chelators, antioxidants and moisturizers for the reduction in the appearance of under-eye fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. You will immediately notice an increase in the firmness and tightness of the delicate skin around the eyes, and enhanced skin texture and smoothness.

All-trans retinol based product for fine lines and wrinkles, antioxidants that can stimulate proper lymphatic drainage and tissue fluid balance, and PAL-GQPR a peptide that can enhance skin firmness and elasticity. Also contains Green Tea and Emblica, antioxidants that can inhibit collagen breakdown and stimulate GAG production. Contains Vitamin K which is a key vitamin that can reduce bruising and promote healing in closed wounds.
PRICE: $75

This peptide-based emollient restorative complex is a potent combination of peptides and Vitamin C ester to encourage skin-firming collagen production. Natural botanicals help to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Barrier repair technology treats moisture loss that causes dry and crepey skin. Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the only Vitamin C compound clinically demonstrated to increase collage production, provide anti-oxidant protective activity and provide skin clarifying action.

The peptide at works is acetyl-hexapeptide-8, which inhibits muscle contraction, thereby promoting a firm, smooth texture.
PRICE: $55

Targets the two main causes of dark circles with a combination of brighteners, peptides and flavonoids. Helps brighten pigmented skin with a gentle Kojic acid ester, and the antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea. Helps reduce the appearance of hemoglobin accumulation (dark circles) using Vitamin K. Highly moisturizing super emollient formula.

A potent combination of skin brighteners also combat the discoloration of the eye area. Under-eye skin will appear lighter, smoother and brighter. Continued use is recommended for best result.
PRICE: $58

Formulated for the delicate area around the eyes, this nourishing serum delivers the super hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid to soothe, smooth and plump the eye area while restoring a natural desired appearance. Hyaluronic acid together with Vitamins A, C, E, Co-Enzyme Q and Green Tea Extract plump and soothe the delicate skin around the lips and eyes. This is a perfect treatment for post-Botox patients. Hyaluronic acid is a potent moisturizer, and is found in every cell of the human body. This treatment contains no retinol or glycolic ingredients, making it a highly moisturizing veil to be layered on top of active treatment products.
PRICE: $45

Call us at 973.716.9000 to schedule a complimentary consultation or click the button below. We will discuss your concerns and establish a treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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