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face agingAs early as your mid- to late-20’s and into your 30’s, you may start to notice the very first signs of aging, which are usually subtle but still bothersome. What was once a smooth complexion may now be home to small sunspots, crow’s-feet, dark under-eye circles and uneven texture. Instead of letting the signs of aging get the best of you, take matters into your own hands and correct the changes that you’re seeing – you may even be able to prevent them from progressing as you get older with the proper plan of attack.

These small fine lines are easy to prevent and even easier to correct. Regular use of a highly moisturizing eye cream helps keep the delicate eye area supple and less prone to lines and wrinkles. To reduce their appearance and prevent new ones from forming, I like to inject this area with Dysport, Xeomin or Botox.

Under-Eye Bags, Darkness and Puffiness
With age, the area under the eyes becomes dark and puffy. Makeup can help camouflage bags and circles, but injectables and proper skin care can reverse them. Hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane, Juvéderm or Belotero, can fill in hollows to give the illusion of fewer bags. You will also want to use a topical Retinol product to thicken thinning skin around the eyes. Another method of treating dark circles is with conservative use of hydroquinone, which may be irritating to some. Chemical peels, FotoFacial RF (Intense Pulsed Light-IPL) or fractional CO2 lasers can also help tighten the under-eye area.

Discolored skin can result from a variety of factors. Protecting your skin from the sun is important, but in-office procedures and prescription-strength ingredients can make a difference, too. When treating sun spots, the first line of defense is almost always hydroquinone, which stops the production of pigment in its tracks. If your skin is still discolored, your doctor may choose to use a light laser, like IPL, or a fractional laser for more severe spots.

Nasolabial Folds
If you’re starting to notice lines around your mouth that start at the corner of your nose and extend downwards, those are nasolabial folds, which, if not addressed, may worsen with time. Hylauronic acid fillers like Restylane and Perlane, or Radiesse, are best for filling in these lines, especially among women in their late 20s and early 30s. In reality, these lines are due to loss some loss or shrinking of the cheek fat, which makes the skin sag, creating the fold from your nose downward. A bit of filler just below the cheekbone starts lifting the fold, then some filler in the fold completes the rejuvenation.

Although all of the above tips will correct what time has achieved, the single most important way to prevent the signs of aging is with the diligent daily use of mineral based sunscreen! This should be a dedicated layer which is not part of you moisturizer or makeup. We prefer products with a high percentage of zinc oxide. Wear this as your last layer, over any other skin care, but under makeup. Using a mineral based sunscreen every day, rain or shine, will give you the maximum benefits from these fantastic anti-aging treatments. 


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HOLLOW EYESWe talk a lot about reducing under-eye puffiness, but we know that some of you suffer from another issue: eyes that look sunken and hollow, especially for those who have more slender faces. However, there is help for those who may be genetically predisposed to hollow eyes or have lost soft tissue and bone density, which can make the eyes appear sunken.

Applying products with vitamin C can reduce the dark circles that sometimes accompany eye hollowing. Retinol is a good ingredient to help the fragile skin become stronger, and humectants will add a bit of a plumping effect under the eyes. If you find that you have dark circles too, a prescription of hydroquinone can help to lighten up under-eye shadows.

At the first signs of hollowing, a filler composed of hyaluronic acid such as Restylane or Belotero or fat can help to fill in the spots that appear in the tear troughs. Hyaluronic acid fillers, which last for about 6 months, are effective in filling deficient areas under the eyes when it is injected deep into the tissue.
Fat grafting  involves taking a small amount of fat, usually from your belly. We then mix the fat with Selphyl to promote new blood vessel formation in the grafted fat. This combination is re-injected into the under-eye hollow (tear trough) giving you a long term to permanent improvement.


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CHEEKSCheek augmentation is a popular procedure since it reinstates lost volume, making the cheeks look fuller and younger. Depending on the current state of your face, there are multiple ways to enhance your cheeks. If the problem at hand is strictly a loss of fat, then injectables can plump up the cheeks. On the flip side, when the skin on the mid-face is loose and accompanied by more extreme volume loss, surgery, like a facelift, is necessary to address all the concerns.

If you have flat, sunken cheeks, then choose fillers like Perlane or Radiesse. Both hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen-stimulating fillers can add dimension and definition to cheeks that have become flat and sunken over time. After injections, your cheeks will be instantly fuller with a natural contour to them. Collagen-stimulating fillers (Radiesse) last longer (12 to 18 months) than hyaluronic acid fillers (Perlane), but neither is permanent.

Dr. Tanne is a specialist in facial revolumizing using injectable fillers, and uses her artistic eye and medical skills to give her patients youthful, natural-looking results.

Two Ways to Plump Limp Lips

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red lipsIf your lips have slimmed down over the years, the reason is because of collagen loss. Factor in less moisture, sun damage and fine lines (above the lips), and your pout may be looking less-than-full sooner rather than later.

For a fast fix, try lip-plumping products. Lip plumpers employ either ingredients that swell the lips or add moisture to give a fuller-looking pout. A good lip plumper is a quick and easy way to enhance your lips. But if you find those that make use of irritants, essential oils or cinnamon uncomfortable, opt for something that plumps via moisture such as those made with organic ingredients and natural mineral pigments. These richly colored glosses lend a hydrating effect, too.

Injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvéderm, Belotero) gives way to fuller, sexier-looking lips. In order for the lips to look natural, the center part should be slightly fuller with a defined Cupid’s bow. The upper lip to lower lip should be about a one-third to two-thirds ratio. Steer clear of thicker filler as well as silicone and permanent fillers, which can result in lumps, nodules and an unnatural look.


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Most of us are born with naturally smooth, soft skin, but as we age moisture levels drop, often resulting in dryness and rough, uneven texture. Rough skin may also be the result of sun damage, which depletes collagen and moisture, or a chronic skin condition such as rosacea or eczema that causes bumpiness and inflammation. Whatever the cause, there are a variety of topical treatments and noninvasive procedures that address poor texture at the source.

1. For a Quick Fix:
Try a moisturizer rich in hyaluronic acid to soften and hydrate dry skin.

2. For Results Over Time:
Look for  topical resurfacing products that encourage cell turnover and promote smoother, softer skin such as retinol.

3. For a Dramatic Effect:
In-office resurfacing procedures help achieve a fresh, smooth complexion. Especially effective for sun-damaged skin, fractional resurfacing treatments, like CO2RE Fractional CO2 resurfacing, target the skin’s deeper layers with microscopic laser light, removing damaged skin and allowing fresh, healthy skin to emerge. You may experience redness and swelling for a couple of days post-treatment, but one treatment is all you will usually need. For a gentler and more gradual approach, eMatrix Sublative Rejuvenation greatly improves skin texture with virtually no downtime. Three treatments is the usual protocol for this beautiful treatment.

Suitable for all but very sensitive skin, microdermabrasion uses a wand embedded with laser cut diamond chips to polish away the uppermost layer of skin, eliminating roughness as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Chemical peels, another option, are often performed with glycolic, retinoic or alphahydroxy acids; they help smooth out uneven texture by removing the upper layer of skin.

4.For Relief From Redness:
If you experience persistent red blotchiness, dryness or bumpy, rough skin—more than just the occasional dry patch or inflammation—rosacea may be the cause. A chronic inflammatory condition that can develop at any age but is typically found in those older than 30, rosacea is often triggered by alcohol, heat, stress or spicy foods. Irritation, swelling, dryness and inflammation may be signs of a flare-up, and in severe cases, thickening of the skin and red, raised patches, known as plaques, may occur. Rosacea is often rated by grades one to four to indicate its severity, four being the worst.
A series of five or more painless FotoFacial treatments, which use a broad spectrum of light and bi-polar radiofrequency, will repair the deeper layers of skin and reduce redness.


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Cosmetic Laser MD offers our patients a full line of eye-specific products, addressing every skincare concern. There are three distinct product-types for each specific undereye concern: Fine lines and wrinkles, laxity, and dark circles. Our products are Medical Grade, meaning that they are much higher in active ingredient concentration than over-the-counter products, including expensive department store brands. Our products can be dispensed only under a doctor’s guidance. We invite you to come in and learn about our extensive Tanne MD Skincare product line. We put together a comprehensive skincare “protocol” for each patient based on your individual needs, goals, and preferences.
During the month of February, we’re offering $5.00 OFF any of our four eye products.

This retinol-based eye cream has been specially formulated to contain a comprehensive system of all-trans retinol, peptides, chelators, antioxidants and moisturizers for the reduction in the appearance of under-eye fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness. You will immediately notice an increase in the firmness and tightness of the delicate skin around the eyes, and enhanced skin texture and smoothness.

All-trans retinol based product for fine lines and wrinkles, antioxidants that can stimulate proper lymphatic drainage and tissue fluid balance, and PAL-GQPR a peptide that can enhance skin firmness and elasticity. Also contains Green Tea and Emblica, antioxidants that can inhibit collagen breakdown and stimulate GAG production. Contains Vitamin K which is a key vitamin that can reduce bruising and promote healing in closed wounds.
PRICE: $75

This peptide-based emollient restorative complex is a potent combination of peptides and Vitamin C ester to encourage skin-firming collagen production. Natural botanicals help to reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness. Barrier repair technology treats moisture loss that causes dry and crepey skin. Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the only Vitamin C compound clinically demonstrated to increase collage production, provide anti-oxidant protective activity and provide skin clarifying action.

The peptide at works is acetyl-hexapeptide-8, which inhibits muscle contraction, thereby promoting a firm, smooth texture.
PRICE: $55

Targets the two main causes of dark circles with a combination of brighteners, peptides and flavonoids. Helps brighten pigmented skin with a gentle Kojic acid ester, and the antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Green Tea. Helps reduce the appearance of hemoglobin accumulation (dark circles) using Vitamin K. Highly moisturizing super emollient formula.

A potent combination of skin brighteners also combat the discoloration of the eye area. Under-eye skin will appear lighter, smoother and brighter. Continued use is recommended for best result.
PRICE: $58

Formulated for the delicate area around the eyes, this nourishing serum delivers the super hydration benefits of hyaluronic acid to soothe, smooth and plump the eye area while restoring a natural desired appearance. Hyaluronic acid together with Vitamins A, C, E, Co-Enzyme Q and Green Tea Extract plump and soothe the delicate skin around the lips and eyes. This is a perfect treatment for post-Botox patients. Hyaluronic acid is a potent moisturizer, and is found in every cell of the human body. This treatment contains no retinol or glycolic ingredients, making it a highly moisturizing veil to be layered on top of active treatment products.
PRICE: $45

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