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Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation is a breakthrough foundation to cover, help heal and minimize – even eliminate – procedural scars. Designed for doctors, Breathable foundation covers and treats a wide variety of skin problems: skin injuries, wounds, rashes, cracked, dry skin, acne scars, rosacea and other skin conditions. On post-surgical scars, patients are re-assured and impressed that after care includes safely camouflaging any evidence of surgery. “Ceravitae”, the super charged oxygen complex in Breathable foundation, proliferates collagen cell and connective tissue growth in aging or wounded skin. . Because of the unique properties of Oxygenetics, it is also great skin care that can be used as a daily skin friendly foundation.

breathable pro-healing foundation

Oxygenating Foundation is The Foundation for Great Skin Care:
Besides being the first truly breathable makeup, the foundation contains Ceravitae Complex, a patent-pending formula proven to increase oxygen uptake, stimulate skin cell production and s help promote the healing process following most procedures.

Oxygenating Foundation gives complete and natural coverage to even the most sensitive and compromised skin.

When applied independently or over Oxygenetix moisturizer, Oxygenetix foundation acts as a virtual second-skin, allowing it to breath with no occlusive oils to interfere with the bodies natural healing process.

This second skin technology creates a delivery system allowing Ceravitae to:

  • speed connective tissue reconstruction
  • systematically build collagen layers
  • reinforce natural skin healing.

The Results:

  • less down time
  • complete, undetectable coverage from day one
  • reduced scar tissue
  • continuous protecting with continued use.

Oxygenetix Foundation is also:

  • Water Resistant up to 90 minutes
  • SPF 25
  • 10 Blendable, Color-corrective shades
  • Transfer Resistant
  •  Hypo allergenic
  • Completely non-irritating, even to acne, rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema

Please note: Colors are for reference only. Due to monitor and other variations exact matches are not possible.

breathable pro-healing moisturizer

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Moisturizer:

Oxygenetix Face Moisturizer contains the same breathable “second skin” formula as the Oxygenating Foundation. Most moisturizers sink into the skin or sit on the surface, which can suffocate your skin by blocking the vital flow of oxygen.

Oxygenetix Face Moisturizer forms a breathable “second skin” to provide instant hydration while reducing the signs of procedure. It helps plump the skin leaving the perfect palette for Oxygenating Foundation. Hyaluronan and PCA ensure your skin is receiving maximum hydration and protection at the same time.

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