LightWave LED Therapy PLUS Dermakinetics

LightWave technology, with both red and infrared therapy to stimulate rejuvenation in damaged tissues, is used to help heal and polish the skin after a more intense laser procedure or may be used alone to reverse the effect of aging and other damage to skin and body tissues. LightWave significantly enhances the results of medical microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, anti–cellulite regimens, and IPL PhotoFacials. It is the first light therapy system specifically designed and approved by the FDA for aesthetic application to the entire body.

Q: What is DermaKinetics®?

A: DermaKinetics® "Transdermal Delivery System"  is a complete non-invasive transdermal delivery system that includes several medical and technological breakthroughs in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.

DermaKinetics® allows our estheticians to deliver powerful peptides into the skin. Until now, larger molecules such as collagen have been unable to be delivered through the skin’s barriers without being injected or ablating the skin. DermaKinetics® enables the delivery of collagen to the very places where it occurs naturally, restoring its levels that have been diminished over time by sun exposure, pollution and the forces of nature.

Q: How does DermaKinetics® work?

A: DermaKinetics® is a unique and revolutionary new transdermal delivery system that utilizes proven technology to deliver pure optimal formulas to your skin, dramatically decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the overall tone and texture.

Q: What can be expected during a DermaKinetics® session?

A: First the skin is cleansed with an enzymatic wash to remove all dirt and debris. Next a series of serums and creams are applied to the top layer of the skin. Finally, a DermaKinetics® light panel is placed over the skin and illuminated. During this time, the skin is then inundated with specific wavelengths and pulse of light to stimulate the molecules within the functional skin care topical to move away from the LED light source and into the tissue. This complete process generally takes 45-60 munities. Additionally, we prepare the skin with 10 minutes of red light therapy prior to performing DermaKinetics®. This will help to increase the desired effects.

Q: Do you see a difference after one DermaKinetics® treatment?

A: Yes. Even after the first treatment, the skin will show signs of a slight improvement. However, significant changes are obtained with a series of clinical treatments. The full effect is achieved after five to six months of collagen bundle growth.

Q: Is DermaKinetics® safe?

A: Due to the non-invasive nature of the treatment, the DermaKinetics® system is the safest transdermal process available. This process does not disrupt the corneal layer and therefore does not open the skin up to potential environmental stressors.

Q: Can DermaKinetics® reduce the appearance of large pores?

A: Yes, collagen production is stimulated through the action of the peptides being delivered into the tissue and surrounding cell structures which in turn thickens the skin and tightens the skin’s surface.

Q: How is DermaKinetics® better than other systems?

A: DermaKinetics® utilizes patented technology that allows the delivery of both revitalizing small and large molecular weight functional ingredients into the skin. This remarkable system, does not damage the skin, or alter the formulation being delivered. This cutting edge science makes it one of the most important advancements in the skin care industry in recent years.


LightWave works by a process called Photobiostimulation (the stimulation of life processes with light)—like photosynthesis with plants. It uses both visible red and invisible infrared light to stimulate the body's regenerative metabolism at the cellular level. In other words, it provides the body with what it needs to produce the energy to heal itself.

LightWave is used on the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cellular hydration, blood flow, nutrient–intake and waste removal within the various layers of the skin and supporting tissues. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of scars, burns, sun damage, sunspots and pregnancy mask. Additionally, LightWave can be used to improve ANY area of the body. It may be used to tighten tired, flaccid skin on the breasts and abdomen, stretch marks, "orange peel" scars, and cellulite.

LightWave may be used after any procedure for faster healing and more prominent results or on its own. When used alone most people see noticeable changes in six to eight treatments, but some see improvement after their first or second. It takes an average of 14–21 days for cells to complete their rejuvenation cycle, so you will continue to see improvements for two to three weeks after each treatment.

LightWave LED Therapy