e Matrix Sublative Rejuvenation

Imagine a treatment that can treat fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks, improve textural irregularities and broken blood vessels, treat brown spots and sun damage, and tighten skin–all in one sitting.  Now, imagine you can achieve all this in a treatment that requires little- to-no downtime and is clinically proven for ALL skin types. Introduced in the Summer of 2009, Sublative Rejuvenation™ using eMatrix™ is breaking new grounds in the field of cosmetic medicine by offering a NEW treatment light-years ahead of current skin rejuvenation options. Dr. Tanne was the first physician in New Jersey to introduce this exciting and effective treatment. Using this fractional “laser skin resurfacing” technology provides all our our patients the opportunity to see excellent results!

Are Skinhibitions holding you back?
There comes a point in every woman’s life when no amount of beauty products or water consumption will bring back the dewy, supple skin of her youth. Most of them will try anything regardless, relying on an arsenal of techniques that range from the uncomfortable to the unthinkable. They quickly find that repeated slapping, hanging upside down and crusty green masks stimulate nothing but laughter from whomever they live with.

Ironically, these women—who are so willing to try everything—have an overwhelming fear of professional skin treatments that promise real results.

About 75% of women report being unsatisfied with the appearance of their skin: they desire a cosmetic procedure that delivers results, but have legitimate fears about pain, downtime, side effects and costs. Their Skinhibitions are holding them back. Sublative delivers effective results while eliminating the aforementioned apprehensions. Radiant, lifted skin is achieved without a needle or knife, without downtime and without the high cost of surgical techniques.

A broad range of patients seek Sublative treatment, from mature women who desire a lifted look to 30-somethings who want to take their beauty routine above and beyond antioxidant serums and creams. A significant number of women are starting their anti-aging efforts sooner in an effort to slow the inevitable.

In your 20s
Active oil production gives skin its dewy glow but also causes breakouts and, as a result, acne scars. Wearing protective armor, such as sunscreen and eye cream, and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the first steps toward preserving a youthful appearance. Avoid partying into the late hours, smoking, sun tanning and yo-yo dieting—the cumulative effects will show up later in life.
In your 30s
The skin is slower to “bounce back” after a night without sleep or too much alcohol. Collagen production, cell turnover and oxygen flow have slowed and it’s starting to show in the form of dullness and fine creases. Other physical changes include enlarged pores, deeper expression lines, broken capillaries and puffiness or dark circles under the eyes. At this stage skincare becomes more specialized but are incapable of doing the “heavy lifting.”
In your 40s
It suddenly takes a lot more work to look the way you want. Once women hit 40, it’s easy to tell who’s been taking care of their face and who hasn’t. Skin is drier, thinner and less firm because lipid and estrogen levels have dropped. Loss of elasticity means skin is losing its bounce and fluctuating hormones can still cause occasional breakouts.
In your 50s + 
It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. At this stage, topical treatments – combined with a healthy lifestyle – still have plenty of wrinkle-fighting promise. However, they can’t replace doctor’s office procedures when it comes to eliminating serious sun damage and sagging.

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