Mother-in-Law Makeovers Are a Hot Cosmetic Trend

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March 9, 2011
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March 29, 2011
Brides and bridesmaids aren’t the only ones who shine in the spotlight at weddings. The mothers of the bride and groom also fall under the scrutiny from wedding guests, high-definition photography and videography. Anyone who has watched TLC’s popular cable show Say Yes to the Dress knows that her child’s wedding day is a huge event in a mother’s life. Mothers of the happy couple put countless hours of time and effort into finding the ideal dress and perfecting their own wedding look. Now the latest trend in cosmetic medicine – cosmetic makeovers for mothers of the bride and groom. Dubbed “Mother-in-Law Makeovers,” these cosmetic enhancements are designed to help wedding moms look their best on their children’s big day.

Mother-in-Law Makeovers ensure that moms feel comfortable with their appearance and look fabulous in high-definition wedding photos and videos. Like Mommy Makeovers that help new moms regain their pre-pregnancy shape, Mother-in-Law Makeovers are individually tailored to meet the specific goals of each individual woman. During your customized consultation, Dr. Tanne addresses your areas of concern so that you feel confident, beautiful and picture-perfect on the day of the wedding. Many moms choose to refresh their face with non-invasive procedures such as Botox and dermal fillers for a Liquid Facelift, which elicit amazing but natural looking results. Laser treatments and chemical peels give the skin a refreshed, rejuvenated, smooth look. Body shaping with VelaShape is a common procedure chosen by moms who want to look slim and elegant in their dresses.

When considering a Mother-in-Law Makeover, talk to Dr. Tanne well in advance about when to schedule treatments. For a quick fix, injectible fillers are a fantastic option to have you looking your best before the wedding. You may just need a little bit of Botox or dermal filler to smoothen out any wrinkles or get rid of the dark circles under the eyes and some laser treatments to give your face a glowing look. Please allow at least 3 weeks before the wedding for Botox and fillers, to avoid any chance of lingering bruising or swelling on the wedding day, and to ensure that you get the results you desire. For this once in a lifetime event, you want to put your best face forward for photos that will capture your beauty and immortalize this joyous occasion forever!

We want your skin to be glowing for the special wedding day that will be cherished in photographs forever. At Cosmetic Laser MD we recommends that you use products with active ingredients to achieve smoother, radiant skin. To achieve results, medical grade skincare products that can only be found in a physician’s office, such as own Tanne MD Medical Grade Skincare, are recommended. In addition, Facials, DiamondTip Microdermabrasion, and SilkPeel treatments should be performed closer to the wedding day. We are confident that you will achieve smoother, radiant skin for your special day.

With so many cosmetic options available to you, go ahead and treat yourself to a rejuvenated, younger, radiant look and make a lasting impression for everyone to admire.