Proven Techniques To Save Your Face

April 19, 2017 / Category: Anti-Aging, Beauty Breakthroughs, Cosmetic Procedures, Special Offers

Recently “New Beauty” published an article on the top things we can do to get perfect skin. The article was so spot on and informative that I wanted to talk about the procedures and protocols they mentioned and go into more depth about it.  You can find the article mentioned at:

1. Microneedling with PRP
This procedure is amazing. I mean ahhhh-maz-ing. Microneedling uses tiny needles to create micro-channels for smoother tighter skin. We paired with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which uses your own blood’s growth factors to stimulate new cell and collagen growth. I have seen enlarged pores and acne scars virtually disappear. One treatment will give you desirable results. The procedure is comfortable and non-invasive, not to mention a lot friendlier on the wallet than laser treatments.

2. Retinol
Something you can do every night to stop the aging process without spending a lot of money and time in a doctor’s office? Yes please! Why every woman is not on a retinol product is beyond me. This stimulates cell turnover…CELL TURNOVER! That means it takes away the dull, wrinkled, gross dead skin on the surface and replaces it with softer newer, younger looking skin. A gentle but potent blended retinol like our CLMD Enriched Serum will give you softer tighter skin after just a month of use.

3. Neuromodulators
How good does a nice non-surgical brow lift sound? If you said YES then get in for a Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin treatment ASAP. Not only do these products soften the forehead and Crow’s feet, but they prevent extreme movement in those area for future wrinkle prevention.

Neuromodulators are purified proteins that are injected into facial muscles, causing relaxation of the muscle. This relaxes the pull on the skin, which relaxes the wrinkles. Neuromodulators are a great first step into the world of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. I mean who wants to be the only woman at brunch not talking about how good their Botox/Dysport/Xeomin looks?

4. Sunscreen
Anyone who has ever walked through our front door has gotten the “sunscreen speech”. You already know the sun causes 80% of aging. You know that a DESIGNATED layer needs to be applied daily and even though it says your make-up or day cream contains sunscreen, it still isn’t enough to prevent hyperpigmentation, skin sagging, and wrinkles. How many of you have those three skin conditions on your bucket list? I didn’t think so. The bottom line is as much as we love to see you in the office we rather have you doing one simple extra step in your skin care routine every day, and come in less and less for anti-aging treatments.



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The Top Tips for Skin Cancer Prevention

melanoma abcMay is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and with skin cancer being the most common form of cancer in the United States, there’s good reason to pay attention. One in five Americans develops skin cancer in their lifetime, but that doesn’t have to be you. Luckily, skin cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer. Follow these tips to keep your skin safe and cancer-free: 
  • Get an annual checkup.  
  • Wear sunblock every day.
  • Never intentionally sunbathe.
  • Watch your brown spots and freckles.
  • Follow the ABCDEs (see chart on left) 
How to Select the Best Sunscreen sunscreen photo

Selecting sunscreen might be a little easier this summer thanks to new sunscreen regulations implemented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All SPF products that do not pass the new FDA testing requirements will include warning labels stating their sun-protection limitations. Even makeup and skin-care products that contain SPF will be upheld to the new label policies. When you’re picking up your next bottle, check the label to learn if the sunscreen:

  • Is broad-spectrum, which means the sunscreen protects against UVB and UVA rays and helps prevent skin cancer and sunburn. With the new regulations, the FDA has clearly defined the testing required for a sunscreen to be labeled as “broad-spectrum.”
  • Has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. It must offer both broad-spectrum coverage and an SPF of 15 or higher. If not, the label will carry the Skin Cancer/Skin Aging Alert. 
  • Has a Skin Cancer/Skin Aging Alert – meaning the sunscreen will only prevent sunburn and will not reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging.
  • Is water resistant for up to 40 minutes or 80 minutes.

Find a sunscreen that feels good on your skin. If it’s heavy, greasy, looks chalky, has a strong odor, or doesn’t allow for even makeup application, you won’t use it. Keep trying different products until you find one you like. Our favorites are from Elta and SkinCeuticals. But no matter what sunscreen you purchase, it’s irrelevant if you’re not applying it correctly. We are always available to help you select the best sunscreen and tell you how to use it.    
Effective, cosmetically elegant, sunscreen is the best anti-aging product you can buy.

Most of you have heard Dr. Tanne talk about the importance of using MINERAL SUNBLOCK. We have carefully selected a variety of highly effective PHYSICAL sunblocks from Elta and Skinceuticals that provide excellent sun protection while vanishing on your skin.


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As everyone knows by now, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Cosmetic Laser MD our PINK CARD promotion is raising money for The Avon Foundation for Women – Breast Cancer Crusade.

Since 1992, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade has been working tirelessly to help prevent, treat, and ultimately eradicate this disease. With more than $740 million raised and donated to breast cancer programs around the world, Avon is the leading corporate supporter of the cause globally. The Crusade’s life-saving work supports awareness and education, screening and diagnosis, access to care, support services, and scientific research.

PINK CARDS cost only $10, all of which is being donated to AVON. Each PINK CARD gives you 20% off any single treatment during the month of October. To make this an even more enticing offer, all PINK CARDS are entered into our PINK BEAUTY MAKEOVER CONTEST. On November 1st we will draw the name of one lucky person who will be treated to a grand prize worth $1,720 which includes one syringe of Juvederm,  50 units of Botox, one box of Latisse and one Oxygen Facial.

We want to thank everyone who has already purchased PINK CARDs, for your overwhelmingly generous response during the first week of this promotion. We are well underway to reaching our goal of raising $2,500 for THE AVON FOUNDATION FOR WOMEN – BREAST CANCER CRUSADE.   Help us reach our goal by joining Cosmetic Laser MD’s  PINK BEAUTY OCTOBER BREAST CANCER AWARENESS PROGRAM. You will be helping a wonderful cause and getting a fantastic savings opportunity.

How To Reverse Sun Damage

August 16, 2012 / Category: Anti-Aging, Beauty Breakthroughs, Cosmetic Procedures, Health News, Special Offers

While sun damage doesn’t happen overnight, it can seem like it visibly affects the skin in a rather short period of time. The more the skin is exposed to the sun, the more the collagen and elastin in the deeper layers is broken down, giving less support to the underlying muscles and the skin’s surface. As a response mechanism, the skin tries to protect itself from the damage, in turn thickening as a means of regeneration.


Treat sun-damaged skin at home:

Peptides and vitamin A need to be used consistently to help strengthen the skin and improve its texture. Retinol is key since it sheds the top layer of skin and strengthens it from inside out. Dr. Tanne’s favorite daytime skincare – Daily Cocktail – is bursting with peptides, antioxidants and other key repair ingredients. Her Tanne MD Medical Skin Care Night Defense is her go-to nighttime anti-aging must-have – a retinol serum blended with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Free radical-fighting ingredients like green tea and vitamins C and E will help safeguard the skin from future damage. Check out Tanne MD Medical  Skin Care T-Power Pads and CE Ferulic Infusion.

Protection and maintenance are vital-once sun-damaged skin has been transformed, you don’t want it to regress. It is recommended to wear a sunscreen with ingredients that contain primarily physical blockers, which provide protection from all UV rays. Check out our absolute favorite, TIZO (titanium/zinc oxide).

Treat sun-damaged skin professionally:

Before starting any in-office treatment for sun damage, Dr. Tanne recommends all patients begin a 3 product at home regimen to pre-treat their skin, including:

  • Brighten Pads -These custom blended pads contain 4% hydroquinone to “shut down” unwanted pigment cells.
  • Night Defense – to help shed these unwanted pigment cells
  • TIZO – to protect your beautiful rejuvenated skin

Laser and light-based treatments, like FotoFacial RF (which combines Intense Pulsed Light with bi-polar Radiofrequency) and both ablative and nonablative resurfacing procedures, work to reinstate the skin. FotoFacial can help eliminate brown and red spots on the face and body. A downtime-free treatment, although several sessions are required, FotoFacial  helps to rejuvenate the skin so that it looks younger and fresher.

Treatments that tackle sun-damaged skin, including chemical peels – our hands down favorite is Apeele – can improve the skin, too. Acid-based peels buffer the skin, making it more sensitive to the sun. We also love DiamondTip™ Microdermabrasion to gently buff away the top layer of dead skin cells, leaving you polished and glowing.

Our new fractional CO2 resurfacing laser, CO2RE, reverses years of sun damage. Unlike older versions of the laser, which used a solid beam, this revolutionary device uses a fractionated beam so there are zones of normal skin, allowing for a shorter recovery period – less than one week, as opposed to two or three. It’s excellent for restoring skin to its natural state without all of the sun damage.  CO2RE gets rid of discoloration while improving the skin’s texture. Instead of employing light, fractional resurfacing lasers create microscopic wounds in the skin-as the skin heals, the sun-damaged areas flake off, and collagen is increased – all in ONE treatment!

Tired of Waxing and Shaving?

June 18, 2012 / Category: Cosmetic Procedures, Special Offers

Wouldn’t it be a relief to throw on a bathing suit and go?  Can you even imagine not having to think about personal grooming before every beach weekend this summer?  If you start now, that dream can be a reality.  LASER HAIR REMOVAL is by far the best way to  remove unwanted hair and leave you completely smooth.

Laser Hair Removal is a safe and effective process that selectively concentrates light energy in the hair follicle, and leaves the surrounding skin unharmed.  Over time, the follicle withers away, and a hair will never be able to sprout again from the treated areas.  Treatments last from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area treated.  There is no downtime; you can return to all regular activities immediately following the treatment.   Because of the growth cycle of the hair (and we’ll spare you the in-depth biology lesson!), the treatment needs to be repeated about six times per area for optimal results.  Treatments should be scheduled four to six weeks apart, again, depending on area treated.

While we never say “permanent” (there’s always a chance of a rare straggler, which can easily be treated), when performed correctly, Laser Hair Removal is simply the most effective way to remove unwanted hair.   Incidentally, we’ve been seeing a bunch of Laser Hair Removal deals popping up on Groupon and other “deal” sites – and we’ve followed up with several of them – ALL of which were NOT being performed by a doctor.   Aside from being illegal, this is quite dangerous- lasers are powerful tools, and can cause severe and permanent damage if not handled correctly.

Best time to start treatment?  RIGHT NOW!  To help sweeten the deal, and make sure you’re sleek by summer, we’re offering a BOGO (buy one get one FREE) on July 5 and 6 for Lip/Chin, Underarms, and Basic Bikini. Second treatment must be used by August 23rd.


Holiday Happenings

December 22, 2011 / Category: Special Offers

The Holidays are upon us, and COSMETIC LASER MD is well into the festive mode.  Those who were here last Thursday evening for our “The Beauty of Giving”  holiday event know firsthand the amazing raffles (and the amazing amount of prizes!) which were handed out.  We also had some very special treats being offered – mini Oxygen facials, makeovers, massages, and more.  Almost every attendee found something on our event-only deeply discounted treatment menu – two of the most popular were our “Luscious Lips” package and our brand new state of the art eTwo laser package.

Best of all, we raised over $1000 dollars for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Dr. Tanne remarked how the holidays are really a time to remember those who make a difference.  “Although our focus is on cosmetic procedures and anti-aging breakthroughs, we are truly in awe of the real heroes – the men and women who are so dedicated to children’s health and traumatic issues.  We are so grateful to everyone at St. Jude for their tireless efforts to make sure at-risk children are comfortable and stable,” added Dr. Tanne.

STILL SHOPPING?  Looking for the perfect neighbor, teacher, dog-walker, babysitter, sister-in-law gift?

We’ve put together several amazing and luxurious beauty gifts – all  wrapped up and ready for gifting – and starting at a mere $5!!  You can always stop in for some holiday shopping – no appointment necessary.   Some of our most popular gifts include:

  • Customized make-up kits
  • Spa Socks and Robes
  • Hand Cream
  • Brush Kits
  • Clarisonic Cleansing System
  • Dermal Roller Anti-Aging System

…..and everyone’s favorite, a GIFT CARD in any amount.  Remember, the gift card purchaser can earn DOUBLE  Simply Beautiful Spa Rewards Points so it’s like giving and getting!  (And who doesn’t love a little getting with the giving?)

We want to wish each of you a very Happy Holiday.  We are so thankful for our wonderful patients and want you to know that we are so grateful.

Susan Stevens Tanne, M.D.

Rennie, Nicole, Lauren, Suzanne & Jeanna

Thanksgiving Gift – To Our Patients

November 20, 2011 / Category: Cosmetic Procedures, Special Offers

You probably think that all we think about at COSMETIC LASER MD is skincare, fillers and wrinkle treatments, but the truth is that we actually think about our wonderful patients – a lot!  We are so grateful to our patients, and wanted to thank you in a meaningful way this Thanksgiving season.  We know that this time of year can be a little hectic, and a little expensive.  We also know that you want to look their best for the upcoming Holiday Season.  COSMETIC LASER MD has wonderful news!  We’re offering a significant PRICE ROLLBACK on all of our Fillers from now until New Year’s Eve.

Because we’re a designated “high volume” location, our vendors have all been able to offer us very attractive pricing on our fillers.  Rather than increase our margin on these products, we have decided that our customers deserve the break; we appreciate your support and are glad to pass the savings on to you.

Our new, reduced Filler Pricing for the remainder of 2011:

RESTYLANE                         600

PERLANE                             675

JUVEDERM ULTRA              600


RADIESSE                            750

In addition to these rock-bottom prices, you will now earn SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Loyalty Reward points for every dollar you spend.  See our website for SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL details – the points add up very quickly!  On top of all of that, there are also rebates available from each manufacturer – we will provide the forms for you when you treat.

We appreciate our patients, and want to wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


November 14, 2011 / Category: Anti-Aging, Beauty Breakthroughs, Cosmetic Procedures, Special Offers

In case you missed, it, COSMETIC LASER MD had our Fall Open House Extravaganza last night.  Our offices were PACKED with our wonderful patients and plenty of new friends as well.  The evening was chock-full of surprises – over a dozen raffles were given out over the course of the evening, with prizes ranging from our wildly popular OXYGEN FACIAL all the way on up to several syringes of our Injectable Fillers, Radiesse and Restylane.  The winners were beyond thrilled to say the least!  The highlight of the evening was our launch of four brand new and amazing treatments:

ASCLERA – Spider Veins be gone with this new injectable treatment.  Show those legs again!

ALLUMERA – A topical medication, activated by light, which has the ability to search and destroy damaged cells.  This unique treatment results in tighter, firmer, younger-acting skin, and a dramatic reduction in pore size.

DERMAKINETICS – Another light activated topical; this treatment delivers intense moisture and powerful skincare ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin for a refreshed, firm, youthful glow.  (Try this once – you’ll be hooked!)

OXYGEN FACIALS BY INTRACEUTICALS – Jeanna, one of our resident Oxygen specialists, was on hand to show our guests the immediate “wow” factor of our new favorite obsession, the Oxygen Facial by Intraceuticals.  The infusion of oxygen and peptides gives your face instant hydration and “lift” and that lit-from-within glow.   This treatment is Madonna’s secret weapon – and now we know why!

The other major intro of the night was our new miracle worker – DERMAL ROLLER ANTI-AGING SYSTEM.  Rennie, our resident roller fanatic was on hand to demo this unique device which will change the way you think about skin care.  (The product was sold out even before the evening ended; please call to add your name to the wait list!)

Please call us to find out more about these exciting new treatments, and our SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL Loyalty Rewards Program.  (It’s free to join, and earn points on every dollar you spend toward future treatments!).

As always, consultations for procedures are complimentary.  Call us to schedule your appointment; we look forward helping your achieve your aesthetic goals.


October 3, 2011 / Category: Special Offers
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, COSMETIC LASER MD is donating a percentage of all make-up and St. Tropez self-tanning product sales to the SUSAN G. KOMEN BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION.
“We see brave women in our office every week who have grappled with this disease and we know the incredible strides the Komen Foundation has made in combating this horrific disease.  Our hearts go out to our patients, and their family members who have battled breast cancer,” notes Susan Stevens Tanne, M.D., Medical Director of Cosmetic Laser MD in Livingston, NJ.
“October is the perfect time to re-think your make-up routine anyway,” notes Lauren Salomon, COSMETIC LASER MD’s Senior Make-up artist (and top-rated bridal make-up artist on “The Knot.”) “We have some gorgeous new eye and cheek palettes including three universal shade baked sheer bronzers that are absolutely STUNNING.  Our clients are loving the polished, flawless finish.” 
Disease prevention through diet and lifestyle is an important part of an overall anti-aging way of life, and in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to give some advice for living a breast cancer prevention lifestyle through diet.



September 20, 2011 / Category: Anti-Aging, Beauty Breakthroughs, Special Offers


In addition to state-of-the-art fillers and laser therapies, we are committed to teaching our patients about excellent skincare.  The basic building blocks, for almost everyone, include: proper cleanser, Vitamin C and Retinol, antioxidant moisturizer and chemical-free sunscreen.
What then, are all of those “other” products on our shelves?  Our building blocks are really just the beginning!  In addition to the basics, we have some stellar, ingredient-driven products that can aid dramatically in your anti-aging regime.  These products are “Medical Grade” meaning that they contain much higher concentration and superior quality of active ingredients than anything you can purchase at CVC, Nordstrom and even Sephora.  Our product lines can be compared to Obagi and TNS, but through examining scientific studies and comparisons, we have found that ours are more effective, and usually at much better prices.


Call us at 973.716.9000 to schedule a complimentary consultation or click the button below. We will discuss your concerns and establish a treatment plan to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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